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                                              Christmas VR #hackathon chronicle #4iLab


48-hour Christmas VR hackathon

Good day everyone!

I'm Alex from 4 I Lab studio. We are a small group of indies who like to make games.
Today we've decided to run a 48-hour Christmas VR hackathon. Our main goal is to make in 48-hours a working prototype of a VR game that will meet following criteria:

- Interesting setting
- Unusual modification of usual gameplay
- Fun to play and watch (suits for playing with friends on a party)

Today our team are:

Alexandr Bereishyk -  art,modeling
Eugene Ivanitskiy - art,modeling, animation, sfx, vfx
Artem Kachanouski - programming
Alex Misilevich - localization, CM
Gleb Rahoisha - programming
Mikita Susha - game design
Mick Yurchenko - team coordination

Also, we are expecting guests from friendly teams.

Four hours ago we've begun a brainstorm and came up with seven concepts. Eliminating them one by one we finally chose our game.

It will be a classical one room single position shooter.The setting is al wild west bar, but with waves of zombies coming in.  According to storyline, you are caught by zombie apocalypse caused by virus, which affects only sober people. So in order to stay uninfected, you have to drink from time to time.
Drinking has its own mechanics. If you are close to sober you shoot accurately. When you get more drunk, your accuracy drops, but time begins to run slower.
You have a scale that measures your drunkenness (also HP because you get sober when zombies hit you). If you get too drunk or too sober - you loose.
When you kill zombies you get points. It also differs depending on your drunkenness.

Right now we've divided our tasks and started the development. I'll be posting more materials as our work progresses.
  Time flies and here is some photos of our work 
  We've decided how bar room will look like, animated zombies and made some items.

Reinforcements have arrived) Our friend Serge Himmelreich visited our party and we had a little brainstorm.

Our sexy bartender http://imgur.com/a/bybxF

zombie testing

Our stock of provisions

More zombie fun


It is 5am.

Animated zombie and shooting gun 

We have more than 20 items 

Almost decorated room with breakable windows.
A sexy bartender girl.
We are ready to start experiments with drunken effects.

Drunken experiment 1

Check out the bar interior

Unexpected result of zombie testing

          On 30th hour of development our team has depleted all physical and psychological resources... But then we opened tequila and made a breakthrough.
We've solved a problem with zombie trajectories and they don't stuck anymore.
Also, we've tuned drunken mode so that it is really fun to play. We've even tested it on sober people))
To consider this game a working prototype we need to do some balancing, add playtime or score counter and minimal UI.

Drunk Or Dead

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