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The Gravity


 It happened! Gravity has gone crazy! Tearing all world apart and mixing all the parts of it, gravity created total mess. Now it is your time to act! Taking the gravity into your hands, show your ingenuity and logics, to make the right decisions step by step and finally correct this incident. Fell yourself creator of the world!


Are you tired of arguing with your friends and relatives about ability to think broadly and logically? Want to know who is the best? There is a solution! If you like difficult logical puzzles, where multilevel tasks fully fill your mind making you forget about anything else, and where gaming excitement doesn’t let you stop, this game is for you. Right now you can go into new, unseen incredible world. The world, in which fire and water mixed together, defeating  forever this way routine of nature. The world, in which rules total chaos.

Game «The gravity» - is a new, great offer by 4ilab company. Accompanied by gorgeous 3D graphics, and also by breathtaking sound effects, the game will help you relax and get away from daily vanity beyond reality, not leaving indifferent even the most demanding user. It is really one of the most difficult puzzles, that make your brain work in intensive mode.

Purpose of the game is rather simple. You have certain amount (3-9) of cubes-pieces of one world. On each side of the cubes can pass two opposite elements – water and lava. Turning the cubes the right side, you need to bring together the flow of water or lava, not letting them to cross each other. But it is not so simpleas it seems to be. To understand principle of the game and to get used to gameplay, first levels are made easy, simple and rather fast. But then … Levels gradually become more and more difficult, and the last of them will seem to you almost impossible! Be sure, incompatible nature of the two elements, and also limited amount of moves in the game, will make even the smartest player puzzle over for a long time! So, carefully think through your moves and do not rely on luck.

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