вторник, 24 июля 2012 г.

Pocket Voodoo NEW

A Voodoo Doll, used in the Voodoo religion, represents the spirit of a specific person as a result of a special ritual. After the ceremony, the owner has an opportunity to influence the person in accordance with his wishes and desires, using a Voodoo doll as a mediator. The application will help you to master witchcraft skills.
For anyone who is searching for a remedy to reduce stress!
Very often it is another person who we blame for our stress. Create a doll similar to your offender by adding a photo or burning out a name. Punish your insulter by poking the doll with needles, setting it on fire or just sending a bullet through it. Read out the magic spells and, who knows, perhaps it will have an impact in real life.
But keep in mind that the outcome of voodooism hasn’t yet been studied thoroughly. Be careful and think a thousand times before using the knowledge acquired!

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